A Final Farewell
(as of January 29, 2016)
Starting in 1978, KADAK first provided integrated solutions for the gas and oil industry throughout Western Canada, using its proprietary software to provide state-of-the-art pipeline control using minicomputers that filled a room.
With the advent of the first IBM PC and Apple's initial MAC, embedded system software development changed forever.
KADAK was one of the first software vendors to offer its commercial AMX RTOS royalty free, complete with source code.
As the industry matured, KADAK and others pioneered the use of TCP/IP network software for Internet access and the adoption of commercial GUI interfaces for human interaction.
Over more than three decades, KADAK's client list included hundreds of the most influential developers of innovative products such as medical instruments, flight equipment, phones, printers, cameras, and point-of-sale terminals, to name but a few.
KADAK thanks all of those with whom it dealt for their willingness to help KADAK create a set of products with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. Thanks go to the suppliers of the chips which powered our client's devices, to those who offered development software suited to our mutual markets, and to the international dealers who made world-wide sales a reality.
And to the numerous customers who placed their faith in KADAK software to create the imaginative new products that have changed our world, KADAK says thank you. Your steadfast support allowed KADAK to operate as a significant force in the embedded marketplace for many years.
Yours Truly,
KADAK Products Ltd.

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